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Welcome to Estrella Design, your source for a design for Wordpress and Coppermine, Twitter, and Facebook. Here you can order a beautiful graphic for your sites and fan accounts on social networks. If you have some questions, send us an email, and we will answer all your questions you care about. Hope you enjoy it and will visit us again.

Lots of love, the Estrella Design Team.
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Name: Estrella Design
Opened: January, 1st 2018
Creator/designer: Maria
Language: English/Russian
Mobile version: yes
Order status: Not accepting
Theme: #1 Estrella Design by Maria
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Latest News
01/01/18 — Our site is officially open now.

01/10/18 — Getting ready to make my first few orders completed and sent to those, who ordered it. It took much time, but I almost completed all of them — only a few things to do.

01/12/18 — Two more new packages have been added. Now you can order only a header for your Wordpress or Coppermine theme. To get it, you just need to send an archive of your theme me to make a header specially for this one.

01/12/18 — Also, I've made little changes in the section "Order Progress" — you can now see what I'm currently working on and be aware of the progress for your orders.

01/12/18 — Now you can use a special form when making an order. Go to the section "Order" and scroll down to the line "Click here to see the form for making an order" and click it to see that one.

01/13/18 — Just sent the completed layouts to those, who ordered them. So, I think it's time to get ready to get emails, in which they would say I'm such a bad designer :D

01/13/18 — Attention: since next month, I'm going to set up a limit — I will be accepting ONLY 10 ORDERS in EVERY MONTH because getting much more would take much time and make you wait for much longer.

01/14/18 — The section "Portfolio" has been updated with new additions — check out the new layouts that I made.

01/21/18 — I closed the order forms and am not accepting orders for a while. But I will surely be back later and start accepting your orders again. Follow news on this block and our account on Twitter.

01/26/18 — The section "Portfolio" has been updated with new additions — check out the new layouts that I made.

01/26/18 — So, I finished all the orders I got, sent the ready layouts to those, who ordered them, and helped someone to solve some problems. Hope they all loved what I did for them and would be using my layouts for a long time. And now, I closed the order forms and am not accepting orders for at the moment. I need to have some rest and solve my personal problems. But I will surely be back a little later and start accepting your orders again. I do not know when I start accepting orders again, but I'm going not to do it until the middle of February. However, you can still contact me and ask for any help – I will reply you as soon as possible. Follow news on the site and our Twitter to be the first one to make an order.

02/17/18 — Hello, everyone, it's Feb, 17th, but I still do not accept orders. I wanted to let you know that I do not know when I start accepting orders because I am still busy and have many things to do. However, it does not mean that I do nothing while having a break. I am working on my own premades that you could download and use as you want. I am going to make a few types of layouts: responsible or non-responsible, full posts or excepts, custom widgets/header/menu or non-custom one (PSD included). Many things will be coming very soon. And yeah, if you have not noticed, I am going to create some tutorials that would help you work with your Wordpress/Coppermine sites and learn more about HTML, CSS & PHP. You can send me requests at my email if you need some help and want to see a tutorial of how to do something. I will try to explain everything clearly in my tutorials and show everything on screenshots and hope these tutorials would be good for you, and you would get a chance to solve problems and learn much more than you know now. Thanks for the attention, the Estrella Design team.

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