Questions & Answers
Do you have some question that you care about? Here, I answered some questions that I often get you to know what you need before you decide to make an order. If you do not see a question, you can contact me and ask what you want.
Is ordering an order free or paid?
Yes, making orders is absolutely free at the moment, but if I get a chance to make them paid, it will happen someday.
How long are you making layouts?
It's hard to say because, but making one order completed takes about 2-5 days. But as I usually try to make all orders at the same time, it may take much longer. I believe I need about 2-2,5 weeks to complete 3-6 orders. But do not worry about your order; I do not forget about it and work at every single one.
How do I find out what is the status of my order?
You can see the status of your order on the page "Order Progress" – I always update that one when I need to change the status.
How do I view your portfolio?
You can find all the layouts I have made on the page "Portfolio". You can view a screenshot of any site and see how it calls.
Should my site be only in English to make an order?
No, I accept sites in any languages, but if it's not in English or Russian, you must provide me with content (welcome message, site slogan, disclaimer, etc.)
Can I change something in your layout when I get it?
Yes, of course, you can make any changes in a layout that I make for you because you have all the rights to this one. The only claim of mine is, do not remove the line "Design by Estrela Design" or give credits to me.
What types of photos do you accept?
I accept any kind of HQ photos except candid and on set photos. But remember that I also do not accept photos that have a less width and aless height than 1000px, and the more HQ phptos you send, the better result you will get.
Can I make an order after I have already ordered something on your site?
Yes, of course you can. It does not make sense how many orders you have ordered here – I will accept your orders anyway if it does not violate the rules that you can read on the page "Rules".