Read all the rules before you decide to make an order/orders on the site. There is nothing special about them, just some little notes that you need to remember.
You can make an order for any fan site dedicated to any celebrity on English and Russian
Any languages are acceptable, but you need to provide us with the full content if your site is not in English or Russian
You have a right to change and add something in layouts I do for you if you need it
You can watch a process of making your layouts on "Order progress" page
Please, remember that I may be doing any design for some. Be patient, I work on all orders
If you need any help with your site (installing a theme/fixing any mistakes), apply for an order
It does not make sense how long have you had your site and how many visitors you get
I do your orders for free for a while but cannot exclude that I might make it paid someday
Do not remove the copyright "Design by Estrella Design" on the footer/sidebar
I do not send PSD files. If you want to change something, just let me know, and I will do it
Donates are voluntary, and only you decide when and how much money to send, and if you actually want to
If you leave me links on photos that have a less width and height than 1000px, I will not accept your order
Please, do not send candid/on set photos - only photoshoots and photos from public appearances