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Orders Are Not Accepting!
Estrella Design News Order Status
Feb 02 2023

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a nice day! As you could understand from this post title, I’ve decided to stop accepting orders and am not working on new works now. It’s all because I feel super exhausted. Some time ago, I had to run into something hard that I had to try to solve. It was the first time when I did it and didn’t know what to do. Yes, I got some experience, but after that, I cannot literally see anything about coding and do not want to work on some HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS codes. I’m just freaking sick of everything. At the moment, I want to focus on different things and have some rest.

I’m really sorry if you were thinking of making an order. I just can’t take it anymore… Honestly, I can’t say when I’m back (and whether I’m actually back because I’ve lately been thinking of stopping to work on new designs and close Estrella Design down). But I really hope I’d come back to normal soon and am able to continue to accept new orders. Besides, I got an idea for a new WordPress & Coppermine bundle. But I’m not ready to work on this yet. I think it’s not time. So, you, guys, gotta wait for me to get the passion for designs again.

From now, I will be rarely checking my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account and will hardly be answering your emails. So, please, understand me and find someone else to solve your problems. Now you can just check my premades, tutorials, and snippets that I have on my site. Maybe, it would be kind of good for you.

Have a nice day!
Love, Maria.

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