Name: Estrella Design
Opened: January, 1st 2018
Creator/designer: Maria
Language: English
Mobile version: yes
Do you accept orders: Not accepting
Do you reply emails: Yes
Contact: Twitter | Facebook | E-mail

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Admin Hello, my name is Maria, I am 22, was born in Moscow, have an experience in creating layouts for Wordpress and Coppermine. I have loved working on designs for sites since 2012 when I opened my fan site Aly & AJ Russia, which is dedicated to Aly & AJ. I did not know much about HTML, CSS, and PHP when I just started my site on Blogger. But when I decided to move my site to Wordpress and Coppermine, I started to learn HTML, CSS and PHP and try to work in Photoshop much better and now know quite much to create a good layout that would be workable for anyone. Nevertheless, I still have too much to learn, even if I always try to get my works better and make those, who order from me, pleased with my work. I try to complete orders quickly and make what you would like to have. Check out my portfolio and order a layout for your site if you want... Author's posts | Twitter | Facebook | EMail
1. Emma Roberts Portugal (Package #1 / Additional Packages #2, #7, #8)
2. Margot Robbie Hungary (Package #1)
3. Lily Collins Source (Package #2 / Additional Packages #9)
4. Katy Perry Romania (Package #1 / Additional Packages #1)
5. Peyton List Online (Package #1)
6. Cara Delevingne Source (Package #3)
7. Caitlin FitzGerald Online (Packages #2.1, #3.1, #8)
8. Ansel Elgort Online (Package #1/ Additional Package #1)
9. Alicia Vikander Fansite (Package #3)
10. Kira Kosarin Online (Package #1)
11. Lucy Hale Hungary (Package #2 / Additional Package #2)
12. Emeraude Toubia Hungary (Package #2)
13. Gotham Serie Hungary (Package #2)
14. Margot Robbie Hungary (Package #2)
15. Aly & AJ Russia #4 Good Love (Package #1)
16. Aly & AJ Russia #5 Schon Magazine (Package #1)
16. Ava Max Hungary (Package #2)
Name (Package #1)
Name (Package #1)
Name (Package #1)
Name (Package #1)
New look on Est...

Hello, everyone! If you have not noticed, I changed the layout of my main site/Twitter and Facebook, keeping the same colors because I love them and think these dark colors are good for your eyes, and also created a Wordpress installation for this site. This layout supports a good mobile version that works well on any device. Everything should work well, but I will keep editing this layout and add some features for a better view. Hope you love this new layout and check it out.

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Updates to Port...

I’m not currently accepting orders, but I have new additions to my portfolio that I made at a free time. The first one is made a long ago, and I forgot to add it, and the second one was recently made. — Gotham Serie Hungary | WordPress — Margot Robbie Hungary | WordPress

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Estrella Design...

Hello, guys! If you thought I left making layouts for WP/CPG, you’re wrong. Unfortunately, I’m still not able to accepting orders and will probably not do it for a few more months. However, I’m always ready to consult you and help you solve any problems about your code. And I’ve been much thinking about creating […]

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First Coppermin...

Since now, you can download my first Coppermine premade made by me. It’s quite simple, but everything works well. This layout includes a mobile version that works on all devices. Hope you love it. Go to our site and check out the page “Premades” to see it.

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