Name: Estrella Design
Opened: January, 1st 2018
Creator/designer: Maria
Language: English
Mobile version: yes
Do you accept orders: Not accepting
Do you reply emails: Yes
Contact: Twitter | Facebook | E-mail

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Admin Hello, my name is Maria, I am 24, was born in Moscow, have an experience in creating layouts for Wordpress and Coppermine. I have loved working on designs for sites since 2012 when I opened my fan site Aly & AJ Russia, which is dedicated to Aly & AJ. I did not know much about HTML, CSS, and PHP when I just started my site on Blogger. But when I decided to move my site to Wordpress and Coppermine, I started to learn HTML, CSS and PHP and try to work in Photoshop much better and now know quite much to create a good layout that would be workable for anyone. Nevertheless, I still have too much to learn, even if I always try to get my works better and make those, who order from me, pleased with my work. I try to complete orders quickly and make what you would like to have. Check out my portfolio and order a layout for your site if you want... Author's posts | Twitter | Facebook | EMail
Aly & AJ Russia #7. Media Center based on WordPress #4. Mobile version for a Media Center based on WordPress
Aly & AJ Russia #5. Lyrics Center based on WordPress #2. Mobile version for a Lyrics Center based on WordPress
Ronen Rubinstein Source #10. Index Page Coded by Estrella Design No Additional packages
Aly & AJ Russia #6 Schon Magazine #1. WordPress / Coppermine #1. Mobile version for a theme (WordPress/Coppermine)
Blackpink News #2. WordPress No Additional packages
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I closed the order forms and am not accepting orders for a while. I need to have some rest and solve my personal problems. But I will surely be back a little later and start accepting your orders again. I do not know when I start accepting orders again, but I’m going not to do it until the middle of February. However, you can still contact me and ask for any help – I will reply you as soon as possible. Follow news on the site and our Twitter to be the first one to make an order.

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Updates: Current Projects Plugin is out ...

Hello, everyone! It’s me again! How are you all doing? One week ago, I released my second plugin called Wordpress: Coppermine Latest Albums. And now I’m going to release another plugin called “Current Projects by Estrella Design” that might be useful for you…

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Updates: WordPress: Coppermine Latest Al...

Hello, everyone! It’s me again! How are you all doing? One week ago, I released my first plugin called Wordpress: Coppermine CPMFetch. And now I’m going to release another plugin that might be useful for you. Thanks to that one, you can display latest albums from your Coppermine photogallery as a widget…

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Updates: My First WordPress Plugin is ou...

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? Did I say I was working on something that I had never been trying to do before? So, it’s finally here! I’m happy to introduce my first Wordpress plugin, which lets you add a CPMFetch widget. Yes, you no longer need to look for ways where to put the CPMFetch code because you can just add a simple widget to your site…

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Updates in Portfolio: Ava Max Hungary

Hello, everybody! I have updated my personal portfolio with the new layout for the site Ava Max Hungary (Package #2 – Wordpress) that I recently finished. You may go to the page “Portfolio” and see it in the full size…

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