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Opened: January, 1st 2018
Creator/designer: Maria
Language: English
Mobile version: yes
Do you accept orders: Not accepting
Do you reply emails: Yes
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Admin Hello, my name is Maria, I am 23, was born in Moscow, have an experience in creating layouts for Wordpress and Coppermine. I have loved working on designs for sites since 2012 when I opened my fan site Aly & AJ Russia, which is dedicated to Aly & AJ. I did not know much about HTML, CSS, and PHP when I just started my site on Blogger. But when I decided to move my site to Wordpress and Coppermine, I started to learn HTML, CSS and PHP and try to work in Photoshop much better and now know quite much to create a good layout that would be workable for anyone. Nevertheless, I still have too much to learn, even if I always try to get my works better and make those, who order from me, pleased with my work. I try to complete orders quickly and make what you would like to have. Check out my portfolio and order a layout for your site if you want... Author's posts | Twitter | Facebook | EMail
Ronen Rubinstein Source #10. Index Page Coded by Estrella Design No Additional packages
Aly & AJ Russia #6 Schon Magazine #1. WordPress / Coppermine #1. Mobile version for a theme (WordPress/Coppermine)
Blackpink News #2. WordPress No Additional packages
Ava Max Hungary #2. WordPress No Additional packages
Aly & AJ Russia #5 Schon Magazine #1. WordPress / Coppermine #1. Mobile version for a theme (WordPress/Coppermine)
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No Orders Are Being In Work Now...

I closed the order forms and am not accepting orders for a while. I need to have some rest and solve my personal problems. But I will surely be back a little later and start accepting your orders again. I do not know when I start accepting orders again, but I’m going not to do it until the middle of February. However, you can still contact me and ask for any help – I will reply you as soon as possible. Follow news on the site and our Twitter to be the first one to make an order.

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Updates in Port...

Hello, everybody! I have updated my personal portfolio with the new layout for the site Ava Max Hungary (Package #2 – Wordpress) that I recently finished. You may go to the page “Portfolio” and see it in the full size…

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Estrella Design...

Hello, everyone! Hope you have had a good day. In case you haven’t noticed, the main site changed its look a few days ago. It supports a responsive design – so, you can easily browse the site on your mobile devices. I find it pretty good and much better and more comfortable. Tried to keep the same colors I had used for the previous layouts the site because I love them…

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Update in Portf...

I have updated my portfolio with some new additions after making new truly gorgeous layouts featured the incredible photos from the photoshoot for “Schön Magazine“. It was made for my other site Aly & AJ Russia dedicated to the sisters Aly & AJ Michalka and their band Aly & AJ. The layouts for Twitter and Facebook of this community were also made by me. They have the same style as the whole site is made…

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MEGA update: Ne...

Hello, guys, it’s been so long. I didn’t leave making designs and still keep this site running when I have a free time. How are you all doing, guys? Just because I missed codying themes, I’ve gotten some time to make and get ready to release a new bunch of premades. So, and now I’m really glad to announce that you can download THREE new Wordpress premades and FOUR new Coppermine premades.

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