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Upcoming Events by Estrella Design is a WordPress plugin that lets you display upcoming events of your celebrity your fan site is dedicated to without having to edit files of your WordPress theme.


Looking for a way to show up upcoming events of a celebrity your site is dedicated to but do not want to change files of your theme? There is a solution! You can just use this plugin created specially for WordPress. It lets you add the elites and affiliates block as a widget to your sidebar. Upcoming events blocks would look good on any device.


1. Upload the plugin to your blog from my site
2. Activate it
3. Go to Appearance > Widgets
4. Find the widget called “Upcoming Events by Estrella Design
5. Add it to the sidebar area
6. Change options
7. Save
8. Go to your site to make sure you have made everything right


1. Change the width of the thumbnails for your current projects in the file “upcoming-events-custom-type.php” and rebuild thumbs with a plugin them to look better on your site. I set up the size 380px, but you can change this number to another. For the layout I have now, I need to change the size to 320px. Maybe, in the future, I will try to make a setting in a widget that would let you do it easily.


1.0: This is the first version ever
1.1: Added a hidden link to our site in the bottom of a widget block
1.2: Changed a code of sorting events


First part of the widget Upcoming Events by Estrella Design
Second part of the widget Upcoming Events by Estrella Design
The way the widget Upcoming Events by Estrella Design looks on a site
Upcoming Events
Jan 07 2019
My Third Upcoming Events
Dec 07 2019
My First Upcoming Event
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Dec 24 2019
My Second Upcoming Event
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