Wordpress: Chatbox by Estrella Design Documentation


Plugin Name: Wordpress: Chatbox by Estrella Design
Tags: #estrelladesign, #custom, #wordpress, #chat, #widget, #widgets, #sidebar
Version: 1.0
Tested up to: 5.2.3
Author: Estrella Design
Author URI: https://estrelladesign.tk
Twitter: @EstrellaDesign_
Facebook: @EstrellaDesign_
EMail: estrelladesignga@gmail.com

This plugin lets you insert a chatbox code to your site as a widget. Answer to users' questions right from Wordpress Admin Panel.

Terms Of Use

You can use this plugin on as many sites as you like
Do not sale this plugin and do not claim it as yours
You can make changes in this plugin only if you really know what you do because any wrong act might break this one


Coppermine Widget for your sidebar
Easy Settings
Works well on any mobile devices
Live Chatbox
HTML Editor for messages
Easy customization of the chatbox (colors and fonts)
Ready to be translated


Upload the plugin to your blog from my site
Activate it
Go to Appearance > Widgets
Find the widget called "Wordpress: Chatbox by Estrella Design"
Add it to the sidebar area
Change options profile;
Go to your site to make sure you have made everything right

Report A Problem

In case you find any mistakes or problems with using this plugin, you can always contact me on Twitter, Facebook or email. You can find all the contacts on my site https://estrelladesign.tk. Although I tested this one many times on all the devices I have, it does not mean this plugin has no mistakes or problems. But if you find them, I will immediately fix everything as soon as I find a solution, and the updated plugin will be upload on my site. Everyone will be notified about it on Twitter, Facebook and Estrella Design's site.