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    Your Source for Wordpress, Coppermine, Twitter and Facebook Graphics
    Welcome Message
    Welcome to Estrella Design, your source for graphic designs. Thanks to our source, you can order any theme for your sites based on Wordpress and Coppermine, and any layout for fan accounts on such social networks like Twitter, and Facebook. Also, we offer you simple plugins, premades, and code snippets we regularly add to the site. We usually complete your orders as soon as possible and do our best to make you happy with the result. If you have some questions, send us an email at any time, and we will answer all your questions you care about. To us, giving you the best stuff is very important to us. Remember that we are only offering support for the works that are made by us. We hope you are loving our work and would come back to order a new theme or get much more.

    Lots of love, the Estrella Design Team.
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    The Man Power. Premades #9

    Hey, guys, what’s up? Maria is here! Hope you are all having a good day and being in safety and in good health. In case you didn’t know, yesterday, I announced the end of The Space Era and the beginning of The Girl Power era. And I said that I had a little surprise for you, and you could come back tomorrow to get it. So… I am ready to give it to you. Here is the new, nineth premade pack of WordPress/Coppermine themes. It’s already available on my site, and you can download it right now. Check the page “Premades” and find the line “Premade #9. The Man Power” for WordPress and Coppermine. You can also find an archive with PSD files that I used for this layout as well as the font that I decided to pick up.

    I was actually planning to do something similar to some themes made by Brazilian designers. Their themes are fantastic! I’ve always been a fan of them and wanted to create something like that. And during the break, I decided to work on it. But… Something went wrong, as I think. It’s too far from those incredible themes that you could see on Brazilian sites. But, even despite this, I love the result and think I did a good job.

    I would be very happy if you downloaded and used this new layout. Although I tested this premade on all the devices I have, it does not mean this theme has no mistakes or problems. And if it really does and does not work well for you, feel free to contact me. When you explain your situation, I will fix all the mistakes as soon as I find a solution. Everyone will be notified about it on Twitter, Facebook and Estrella Design‘s site.

    GET WORDPRESS/COPPERMINE PREMADE PACK #9 FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE: https://estrelladesign.tk/premades/

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    About The Creator
    Hello, my name is Maria, I am 26, was born in Russia, have experience in creating layouts for Wordpress and Coppermine. I have loved working on designs for sites since 2012 when I opened my fan site Aly & AJ Russia, which is dedicated to Aly & AJ. I did not know much about HTML, CSS, and PHP when I just started my site on Blogger. But when I decided to move my site to Wordpress and Coppermine, I started to learn HTML, CSS and PHP and try to work in Photoshop much better and now know quite much to create a good layout that would be workable for anyone. Nevertheless, I still have too much to learn, even if I always try to get my works better and make those, who order from me, pleased with my work. I try to complete orders quickly and make what you would like to have. Check out my portfolio and order a layout for your site if you want...
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    Site Name: Estrella Design
    Opening: January, 1st 2018
    Creator/Administrator: Maria
    Orders: Not Accepting
    Powered by: Wordpress
    Language: English
    Theme: The Girl Power by Estrella Design
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    If you want to support Estrella Design and thank us for our work, you can make a donation for any amount. We would be grateful to you even for $0.1. If you have any problems and questions, let us know. We are currently testing payment methods – so, more things might be added soon.