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The Man Power. Premades #9
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Apr 04 2023

Hey, guys, what’s up? Maria is here! Hope you are all having a good day and being in safety and in good health. In case you didn’t know, yesterday, I announced the end of The Space Era and the beginning of The Girl Power era. And I said that I had a little surprise for you, and you could come back tomorrow to get it. So… I am ready to give it to you. Here is the new, nineth premade pack of WordPress/Coppermine themes. It’s already available on my site, and you can download it right now. Check the page “Premades” and find the line “Premade #9. The Man Power” for WordPress and Coppermine. You can also find an archive with PSD files that I used for this layout as well as the font that I decided to pick up.

I was actually planning to do something similar to some themes made by Brazilian designers. Their themes are fantastic! I’ve always been a fan of them and wanted to create something like that. And during the break, I decided to work on it. But… Something went wrong, as I think. It’s too far from those incredible themes that you could see on Brazilian sites. But, even despite this, I love the result and think I did a good job.

I would be very happy if you downloaded and used this new layout. Although I tested this premade on all the devices I have, it does not mean this theme has no mistakes or problems. And if it really does and does not work well for you, feel free to contact me. When you explain your situation, I will fix all the mistakes as soon as I find a solution. Everyone will be notified about it on Twitter, Facebook and Estrella Design‘s site.


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