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The Space Era Has Ended!
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Apr 04 2023

Hello, everyone! Maria is here! Hope you’re having a nice day! It’s been a long since I posted something and checked out my accounts the last time. Honestly, after I stopped accepting orders and put Estrella Design on hiatus, I suddenly got a wish to close all the accounts down and give up on making designs. At some moment, I couldn’t literally see anything about coding and seriously thought of stopping to do this. And… A little more than one mouth later, I have made one important desicion…

So, guys… I spent a lot of time thinking about all of it and deciding if I actually wanted to make it happen. If I wanted to continue to keep doing what I was doing, not being able to earn some money from it. As you might know, I am offering my services for free. Though, not being able to do it sometimes makes me doubt if I’m doing this right. I’m really sorry it happened so, but I… I think… Everything will be over very soon… And… It’s time to say goodbye…

To say goodbye to THE SPACE ERA! And to say hello to the new era that starts NOW! Welcome to The Girl Power Era! Yes, you heard it right! It’s just a joke! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS’ DAY, EVERYONE!!! To your happiness (or sadness, I dunno), I am not leaving and closing Estrella Design down and will continue to work on designs and giving you the best of what I can do. Of course, I am not still accepting orders, but I am back in the game and announce the beginning of the new era.

As you can see, I’ve changed the layouts for all my accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and our main website. All these images were generated with AI, which I’ve lately been too obsessed with. I’ve generated so many beautiful pictures that I thought I couldn’t hold down my wish to use them for my new layout. And… You can see what I got in the end. I hope you love it. And if you think these pictures are kind of bad, I apologize. I love them, though.

Also, I am including one rule to the list of rules, which you must follow. From now, I am no longer offering any kind of support for any aspects that are related with work of sites. I want you to remember that I am just a DESIGNER, not a technical specialist. I do not know a lot of things and might not be able to solve your issues. So, please, take a note about it. From now, I ONLY offer support for MY WORKS, including orders that I work on and premades and plugins that I create. If you have issues with them, I will be happy to help you. If you have problems with a theme that was not made by me, you better contact the designer that created it. And if you have problems with your site (not loading, getting errors, etc), you better find a specialist. Sorry if it sounds rude, but I repeat, I am just a designer that just wants to create her own themes. I really hope for your understanding.

And yeah, that’s not all! I’ve prepared a little surprise for you. You can think it’s my apology for the long absent (that you didn’t definitely care about). I finished working on it a long time ago and couldn’t really wait share it with you. And I think the time has come. If you’re interested, come back tomorrow. I will make a special post on this site and my social accounts. With the hope that you will like it.

May The Girl Power Era be good!
Lots of love, Maria from the Estrella Design team.

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